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Project Management: Maison des générations-olivet house

Janna Hubacek Directrice CAB

Janna Hubacek

Project Manager

450 538-1919

Born in Switzerland to Czech parents, I’ve been in love with Sutton since my early childhood. It is no wonder that after obtaining a BA from Concordia University and extensive travels in 36 different countries, it is in Sutton that I chose to put down roots. My career path has allowed me, over the past 15 years, to accumulate rich and varied experiences in management, communications and leadership, notably as director of the CAB Sutton since 2013 and project manager for the Maison des générations since 2020. As part of the stellar CAB team, I am grateful for the many opportunities to contribute positively to my community. At work, I will often be heard saying "At the CAB, it's never boring! "And that's just how I like it: to take on new challenges, to learn, to find creative and innovative ways to help those in need and to bring people together around an inspiring and engaging community project!  When I'm not at the CAB, I enjoy the outdoors, being active, spending time with my family and of course great food!


Daphnée Poirier : Coordonnatrice des services

Daphnée Poirier

Interim Director

450 538-1919

My background is in academia and have been involved in community issues as a committed student activist for many years. I was and still am passionate about sociology. Equipped with a PhD, I have conducted several university research projects. I have been a consultant in social and community development for various municipalities and taught at the college level. With my passion for community involvement and citizen participation, I am particularly delighted to be part of the CAB Sutton team! In my role at the CAB I organize and direct a range of activities and services offered to people of all ages, and coordinate projects, such as the Intergenerational Garden. I engage in advocacy efforts with local and regional partners and support the daily management of our organization. Finally, I help ensure the financial health of the organization and manage human ressources.

Aministrative support

Centre d'action bénévole de Sutton

Alexandra imbeault

Administrative Assistant

450 538-1919

Now hiring!

Outreach Work


Etienne Grégoire Intervenant de milieu Ressource 50+

Etienne Grégoire

50+ Outreach Worker

450 521-5105

 I grew up in Montreal North and I love camping, biking and swimming. I have previously dabbled in film, welding, and blacksmithing, I did street outreach work in my twenties and later studied nursing.  It is with great pleasure that I have been working at the CAB for over a year now as the 50+ outreach worker. I have found my place! My goal is to help people over 50 years of age in Sutton and Aberborn find the resources offered in our community that will allow you to continue to be well, healthy, safe, included, active, connected, in accordance with your values and in full respect of your choices.

Families & Anglophone community

Jen Tevyaw

Jen Tevyaw

Intervenante Ressource famille -Outreach

450 522-2422

It's a pleasure to step into the role as Community Outreach worker here at the CAB to replace Angie & Eva while they are on their maternity leaves.
Having grown up here in the townships, it feels great to be in this role of service for my community. My family and I have travelled around the world quite a bit, and we are continually pulled back to this beautiful rural area. The townships (and Sutton/ Abercorn in particular) are a truly magical place! I have worked for the last 9 years as a birth and postpartum doula and before that as a special needs counsellor for individuals with disabilities.
My role here at the CAB is to be available to listen, support & make referral to other community services for anyone who is looking for help. Our fully bilingual services are available to anyone in need.
One of my other roles is to animate the parent & baby group on Friday mornings, as well as the joujoutheque and depannage bambin program.
Looking forward to meeting and sharing with you!

Board of Directors 2022

Lucie-Ève L’Italien CAB Sutton

Lucie-Ève L’Italien


Lori Hoey


Louise Comtois


Lili De Grandpré


Louise Brisson

Luce Goerlach

Luce Goerlach


Nicole Fafard


Service Leaders

Lina Allard Responsable du service Popote roulante au CAB Sutton

Lina Allard

Meals on Wheels

Sutton has been my home for 50 years and for the past 7 years I have coordinated the distribution of the Meals on Wheels program for residents in Sutton and Abercorn. Volunteering is an anchor that keeps us grounded and helps us better understand the community in which we live.

Max Gagnon responsable de l'aide aux devoirs au CAB Sutton

Max Gagnon

Homework Assistance

Originally from Manicouagan, in the North Shore region, I travelled between Tadoussac and Labrador while working for Hydro-Quebec over the years. As the Coordinator of the Aide aux devoirs program, in partnership with the Sutton School, I help students with their homework after school. For me, volunteering is about helping those who need an extra hand and contributing to more justice.

Françoise Lépine responsable de la Banque alimentaire au CAB Sutton

Françoise Lépine

Food Bank

I grew up in Joliette, studied in Montreal, and worked in Montreal and Philadelphia as an electrical and lighting designer in engineering firms. As the Food Bank coordinator, I am responsible for the smooth delivery of the service, with the help of a team of 4 amazing volunteers. Volunteering keeps my eyes and mind open to the world, allows me to share memorable moments with people in my community, and keeps me mentally and physically fit while meeting new people.

Maaike Zuyderhoff responsable de la cuisine collective au CAB Sutton

Maaike Zuyderhoff

Cuisine collective

I was born in the Netherlands and have lived in Sutton since I was a child. Volunteering has always been a big part of my life and I am now the coordinator of the collective kitchen at the CAB. During our collective kitchen sessions I learn about people, food, and much more. I love group activities as much as the time alone!