The mission of the Sutton Volunteer Centre is to strengthen the social fabric of the Sutton and Abercorn
communities by offering services and supporting volunteer activities.

The mission is fulfilled through the following:

  • Community: newsletter and self-serve refrigerated food donations;
  • Food security: food bank, Christmas baskets, anti-waste table and collective kitchen;
  • Seniors: home-delivered meals, Café 50+ and intergenerational gardening;
  • Families: Baby drop-in, help with homework, dedicated family resource, outreach coordinator and
    Operation September;
  • Volunteers: recruitment, training and recognition.



Mutual support

Solidarity and inclusion



Fun and sense of personal worth


To be a meeting place and resource to promote the social engagement, health and well-being of the Sutton and Abercorn communities, with a particular focus on families and seniors.

Vision of the CAB Sutton