In the nearly 40 years since the CAB began, hundreds of volunteers have dedicated their time and experience to help build a stronger, healthier community for all residents of Sutton and Abercorn. Each week, they play a vital role in providing community services  and many of our programs rely on their engagement and commitment, such as the Food Bank, the Meals on Wheels, the Homework Assistance program, and the Collective Kitchen.

How can you help? We believe that sharing your skills, experience, time, and knowledge can benefit the whole community.  Contact us for details on how you can get involved as a volunteer.

Testimonials from volunteers

RetroLabo-35th anniversary of the Sutton Volunteer Centre

RetroLabo celebrates the Sutton Volunteer Centre’s 35th Anniversary by turning the spotlight on the people who work behind the scenes.

Two photographers recreated 35 vintage photos, capturing the subjects’ timeless gaze and inner child. These portraits are accompanied by texts written by local children. These personal stories embody all those who have cultivated and kept alive the community spirit in Sutton & Abercorn.
RetroLabo: Art & Social Engagement

Our work is inspired by people coming together, by involving children and the population in our creative process in a way that fosters social cohesion. The RetroLabo project for the Sutton Volunteer Centre’s 35th anniversary was the perfect opportunity to highlight the people who are all too often overlooked in our community. We dug through 35 family albums and were particularly interested in evoking the inner child, which the work of Éliane Excoffier and Tristan Corbeil Lapointe captures eloquently. The artists focused primarily on the subjects’ gaze, rather than seeking to reproduce the vintage photos exactly. Much ingenuity went into creating Suzanne Lemay’s costumes and Eric Charbonneau’s sets. Sutton School children interviewed and collected the stories of the 35 subjects under the guidance of their teachers, Frédérique Bruneau, Marie-Hélène Desnoyers and Robyn Meyer. RetroLabo is a touching and thought provoking creation that reveals intimate stories that we can identify with and learn from.

Artistic Directors, Isabelle Grenier and Stéphane Lemardelé
RetroLabo-35 ans du CAB Sutton
You can also admire the work along the bike path in Sutton!

Thank you all for this great collaboration!

40th anniversary of the Sutton Volunteer Centre

To celebrate this anniversary, we've given a voice to some of the volunteers who have kept the CAB going over the years, as a way of saying thank you to all those who share their passion for the organization and its social contribution to the community.

Happy Birthday CAB!

Les visages du CAB - partie 1

Les visages du CAB - partie 2